An Exceptional Merger of Creative Skills and Technical Talents

Resurgam was founded with a belief that every business deserves its best chance to showcase its competitive edge. Its foundation was laid by experts who understood not just the power of technology but also the significance of design. Their incomparable understanding of design, marketing, and technology lead them to create a unique team that specializes in brand designing.

We are a team of engineers, designers, photographers, crafting for you a complete and comprehensive solution from eCommerce and branding to everything in between.

We change ideas into designs, and bring designs to life – but that’s not where we stop – We incorporate these into your business infrastructure and help you build your distinct brand identity

About the Founder

As Resurgam’s co-founder and director, Ankur has been responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as the company’s development and technology management. His ambition and creativity has enabled him to lead a team of young professionals through the new digital age with a great deal of success. As one of the pillars of the company, Ankur is professional and someone who doesn’t mind going the extra mile to keep his clients satisfied.

His plenteous experience is not a matter of time, but rather a matter of his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the client’s requirements, which makes him a class apart.

Ankur has a significant amount of experience with website development, having been a part of some of the most reputed brands, like Pixion Studios, Splice Studioz and Leven Healthcare while working with impressive personalities like Anupam Kalidhar, Peshwa Acharya, and many others.

Ankur’s business philosophy is deeply rooted in his innovative approach and dedication to each individual client, which are the qualities that resonate with all members of the team.



    DOMINIC FWeb Developer

    Dominic is a web engineer but, he is also an artist. His expertise and experience allows him to understand client requirements and convert them into secure and speedy websites. In short, he makes the impossible, possible.

    • MAHESH B
      MAHESH BWeb Developer

      If you are looking to set up an online ecommerce store, Mahesh is just the person you need. Skilled at several ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc, he can set up online stores that will boost sales and increase revenue.

      • MANISH K
        MANISH KWeb Developer

        Manish’s work at Resurgam involves open source technologies that ensure a well-performing website. He has helped a multitude of clients, especially small businesses and startups, with practical, affordable, yet highly competitive solutions.

        • Nachiket K
          Nachiket KPHP Developer

          Nachiket’s work at Resurgam involves open source technologies that ensure a well-performing website. He has helped a multitude of clients, especially small businesses and startups, with practical, affordable, yet highly competitive solutions.

          • PARIZAD D
            PARIZAD DFashion Photographer

            Parizad captures beautiful instances and alluring moments that have made it to the calendar pages and renowned fashion magazines. Her ability to capture the world through the lens of her camera makes her a rarity when it comes to fashion photographers and a crucial part of our team.

            • PRANAV B
              PRANAV BDocumentary Photographer

              Observant and perceptive, Parnav has always been passionate about photography.  As a master behind the lens, he is able to capture the essence of any event and take stunning pictures of all sorts. However, street and documentary photography is his area of interest and expertise. He even photographs sports and music events for our clients if required.

              • RINNY N
                RINNY NBrand Designer

                At the core of every successful business lies well organized and strategic brand development. Specializing in flat design, Rinny helps our clients create a brand design for their company. These are living breathing designs that not only portray the core values of the business but give a whole new identity to it.

                • SANIKA T
                  SANIKA TUI/UX Designer

                  Sanika is a efficient in front-end website designing and wireframes. She designs websites that are responsive and enhance the user experience. Her focus is never on out-of-the-box thinking, but on throwing the box out altogether and creating unique designs.

                  • VIRAL R
                    VIRAL RFront End Developer

                    Viral is the one who makes the design and development efforts come together in the form of an interactive and functional program for the users. He is an expert with a number of technologies no matter how complex they are. He creates simplified, interactive, and responsive front end and UI elements that combined make up a website bound to attract visitors. He has spent three years in this field, and executed projects that went onto winning several awards.

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