How Does Webinar Help?

Infusing modern technology with traditional talk show tactics, webinars are the new worldwide interactive platforms to engage the interest of your target audience. Contrary to popular belief, a webinar is not just limited to web conferencing. Rather, it can be thought of as a virtual event organized on a digital platform. In today’s world of social media, webinar is becoming an increasingly efficient and cost effective marketing tool.

The key success factor for a webinar lies in the number of advantages it offers over the host of traditional marketing techniques. Some of these benefits include:

  • Saving Resources: Viewing an online event saves an individual in terms of travelling expenses.
  • High Scalability: Webinars can accommodate thousands of people. Anyone with an internet connection can view it.
  • Highly Interactive: Live questionnaire, opinion polls and quizzes offer an interactive and engaging session with your target audience.
  • Global Outreach: Webinars help you reach out to and connect with a larger audience with the help of tools like Marketo.
  • More Options: Your content can either be presented as a free sign-up online class or as a paid-up complete course.
  • Recordable: Webinars can be easily recorded, edited and listened to over and over again at will.

Why Webinars?

Visual content is one of the key components of the 5 Most Effective B2B Marketing Tactics. The Top 3 Content Formats that B2B buyers observed and evaluate before buying a product or availing a service include:

  • Whitepapers (78%)
  • Case Studies (73%)
  • Webinars (67%)

In a recent study, more than 86% of buyers preferred watching an interactive or visual content on new products, before buying it. The advent of Webinars has, thus, led to a decline in the reliance of buyers on Whitepapers for product knowledge and is influencing their buying decisions.

Companies spending on webinars are witnessing a significant amount of increase in lead acquisition and conversion rates. During the last year, almost every social media outlet has laid emphasis on the design and graphics of visual content. Even the search algorithms of Google give preference to websites with attractive video content over written texts.

Why Resurgam?

Resurgam offers the best webinar setup for your business. A synergy with us ensures that your business is well-equipped with an effective marketing tool to maximize sales, without draining your budget. Our tailor-made services enable your business to design and upload highly interactive webinars on your website that offer valuable insight, improve your SEO ranking and generate more leads. We help you to:

  • Interact better with your audience with clear concepts and stunning presentations
  • Select the right technology for the presentation
  • Advertise your webinar and obtain reminder mails regarding the same
  • Design the planning template for the course of the event
  • Develop the complete power point presentation
  • Apply infographics, presentation video and animation
  • Draft content for the webinar
  • Record, edit and save the entire live session for later reviewing
  • Present the recorded webinar in an innovative format and display
  • Post the final webinar video on your website and social media accounts.

Call us today and learn more on how a simple webinar provides a turnkey marketing solution for your business!